The Three-Legged Stool of an Effective Partner Program 

11-15-2023 16:51

Smell the sawdust
Money, low friction and trust. These are the legs of your three legged stool.
Software as-a-service is an approximately $70B market in North America alone and enjoys a healthy 12% compound annual growth rate. For this reason, there are a lot of people marketing new cloud software solutions or improving their current SaaS and PaaS offerings. Many of these companies know that distribution channels are a strong source of business, but there are always newcomers to The Channel, or software companies who've marketed directly their entire history and have never engaged in in-direct marketing to and through resellers in a distribution channel.
That is why we've prepared this simple guide for you. If you're looking to market to or through technology resellers for the first time in the channel, build a partner program from scratch or spruce up your current partner program, then this guide is for you. Remember, if you can engineer a cloud software solution, you can make a three-legged stool.


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