Secure Dynamic Environments Fast With FortiFlex 

08-22-2023 15:18

Quickly deliver value to customers by helping organizations right-size their cloud and hybrid security spend with Fortinet.

This is a sponsored article brought to you by Fortinet. 

FortiFlex delivers usage-based licensing designed to empower organizations with the flexibility to right-size their services and spend in securing their cloud and hybrid environments.

Here’s How: 
  1. FortiFlex simplifies deployment decisions with the freedom to dynamically deploy, scale in/out and scale up/down without needing to size for exact services and solutions ahead of time; this helps organizations avoid oversizing or undersizing their deployment. Offering powerful APIs and centralized license management, FortiFlex reduces procurement complexity and overhead.

  2. Available via private offers in cloud marketplaces, FortiFlex can help Enterprises meet their minimum use commits with cloud providers such as AWS and Google Cloud. As a result, organizations gain flexibility to deploy only what they need and shift services as requirements change; points are charged based on daily use.

  3. FortiFlex enables sales to retire more quota by being able to more easily sell into cloud and virtual opportunities. For cloud opportunities, FortiFlex shifts the conversation from product-based to one of business value that Fortinet and FortiFlex can deliver, especially for organizations looking to draw down their minimum use commits with cloud providers.

  4. FortiFlex also helps sellers capture the value of a deal upfront versus monthly attribution in cases of customers looking for flexibility through monthly subscriptions-  Simplify and accelerate purchasing for organizations via FortiFlex’s points-based approach versus needing to size for every deployment. With FortiFlex, organizations also gain a simple way to purchase Fortinet solutions through a single unified program.

To learn more,  check out Fortinet’s video on how to right-size your security with FortiFlex or visit the TD SYNNEX Fortinet page.

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