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Public Sector: Education 

04-20-2022 17:11

Education is one of the fastest-growing IT verticals today, and is being driven by a wide variety of needs and applications created to address the shifts in the market regarding all-inclusive classrooms and learning experiences tailored to individual learning styles.

For resellers, this presents a unique and immediate opportunity. Technology adoption is accelerating in the education system, and we can expect to see more sophisticated ways that IT is being developed to meet the needs of the classroom of the future.

At the center of the education IT market is the re-energized STEAM initiative, which focuses on science and mathematics, while adding an arts component to the formerly known STEM program. Through the creation of Makerspaces and other programs, manufacturers are implementing tools into their classroom technology to address a pedagogical shift. Virtual reality and mixed-mode gaming are finding their niche in the education market as well. Game-based learning tools are turning out to be integral parts of the classroom learning space as manufacturers address core standards and learning trends through VR and mixed reality.

Tech Data strives to be ahead of the trend, better understand the needs of the end user and the educator, and to deliver world-class solutions that meet those specific needs.

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