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Ready to Build an Advanced Security Practice? Become an MSSP 

04-20-2022 13:24

Businesses ignore the need for cyber protections at their own peril. The threat landscape is vast, diverse and increasingly dangerous, with hackers constantly introducing new malware variants and identifying network vulnerabilities to exploit. A single cyberattack can deliver a serious setback to any company’s plans and operations, forcing it to spend money and effort on remediation—resources that otherwise would be allocated to fulfilling strategic goals. In fact, 60% of small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that suffer a cyberattack are out of business within six months, according to the U.S. National Cyber
Security Alliance.

While these trends explain why CEOs consider cyber threats a top risk of doing business, recognizing the problem doesn’t always translate to knowing how to solve it.

In fact, the security skills shortage was among the top three factors that increased the average cost of a data breach in 2020. Making matters worse, security solutions are getting more complex as vendors add features and functions to combat new threats and attack methods.

But the challenge businesses face in securing their workloads, network and data is also an opportunity for managed service providers (MSPs).

To seize the opportunity, MSPs must move beyond the foundational blocks of managed security to the advanced and comprehensive security offerings the modern business needs. Finding a trusted partner to acquire the requisite skills to sell comprehensive managed security solutions is a prerequisite. Fortunately, that help is available.

Download the Security Solutions PDF to learn more.

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