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Ransomware: Security Solutions to Rescue Your Customers 

04-21-2022 12:23

What would happen if suddenly and without warning, your customer’s organization couldn’t access their data because it had been encrypted by a criminal organization? Could they survive relying on pen and paper for a while, as Travelex was forced to do? Would they go out of business if the data was never fully retrievable? Even if they could restore their systems and data, what would it mean to their annual profitability? How would they reassure their customers and regulators their data is safe if they can’t access it themselves?

The sad truth is, ransomware has become one of the top cyber threats for small to medium enterprises, according to Verizon.

Organizations of this size tend to have lots of valuable data, especially if they are in retail or healthcare, but often lack the IT budgets and resources of a large enterprise.

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