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Healthcare Opportunity Guide 

04-14-2022 18:31

Healthcare Opportunity Guide:
Today’s healthcare organizations continue to embrace the use of new technology—and are starting to adopt a more patient care mindset—to deliver on the promise of connected healthcare. But it does not come without its challenges: lack of interoperability and impenetrable security, to name just a few. To meet the needs of a connected healthcare enterprise and pave the way for truly connected healthcare, healthcare IT teams will need to adopt more flexible, integrated and service-oriented approaches.

Healthcare Market Drivers

  • Security – As healthcare organizations increasingly use digital technology to capture, store and share information, they must also implement more sophisticated safeguards to better identify and manage malicious activity to secure patient data at rest and in motion.
  • Internet of Things (IoT) – The Internet of Things is expected to grow to $158 billion by 2022, with healthcare as the dominant sector. These can include devices—such as glucose, ECG and blood pressure monitors—along with sensor-enabled textiles and digestible sensors that can help clinicians improve patient care.
  • Big Data and Analytics – As more connected devices come online and new data sources—such as data from wearables and social media—gain acceptance, the use of big data analytics for population health management, personalized and precision medicine, disease detection and prevention and other healthcare initiatives becomes more urgent.
  • Telemedicine – As costs continue to rise and patients’ deductibles climb, telemedicine provides not only greater savings, it can deliver greater efficiencies, too. Hard-to-reach or less-than-mobile patients, patients who require consistent monitoring and rural healthcare facilities that require expert advice can all benefit from telemedicine.
  • Customer Mindset - Today’s patients demand more involvement in their health and well-being, requiring healthcare organizations as a whole to adopt a more customer-driven mindset. This new customer focus also requires healthcare IT teams to integrate customers’ devices, apps and wearables into the process and ensure they have ample visibility into their healthcare.

Technology Solutions

Data Analytics Tech Data offers a vendor-neutral solution for two critical areas: healthcare systems integration and development and healthcare analytics and insights. These solutions combine diverse capabilities and services for healthcare providers across clinical, quality, compliance and operational areas. There’s also a range of packaged, on-demand and custom services for integration and analytics.

Cloud Computing In healthcare IT environments, the cloud provides greater security, management, orchestration and governance. It also allows for a flexible pay-as-you use model that can scale to your clients’ demands. Tech Data offers multiple public, private and hybrid cloud options for healthcare environments.

Converged Infrastructure Tech Data can help unite healthcare server, storage, compute and other resources into a flexible, consolidated healthcare platform—or a modular hyper-converged solution—that simplifies your customer’s environment and amplifies their transition to a connected health enterprise.

Internet of Things (IoT) A proven partner for your IoT initiatives, Tech Data provides a wide range of resources—from the edge to the enterprise— to develop IoT solutions that effectively gather information, connect to the internet and securely manage and analyze data in healthcare settings.

Security & Networking As healthcare enterprises continue to amass massive amounts of data, they need proper backup, protection and recovery solutions. Tech Data can help you provide customized solutions that consider everything from unique clinical and business workflow requirements to HIPAA regulations for patient privacy and data loss prevention.

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