Build the Next Generation of Resilient Network Infrastructures 

11-29-2023 04:58

ZPE Systems’ solution set provides separation of management (control) and production (data plane) for security, compliance and auditing. With a vendor-neutral platform giving IT professionals the ability to manage, monitor and take actions based on reported events of the entire network infrastructure without the need to rip and replace the current solutions set in place, ZPE is used by enterprises around the globe.

What does ZPE do that others don’t?

Secure at All Layers

Secure boot, encrypted disk, trusted platform module (TPM) latest node grid Linux-based OS with latest security vulnerability patches applied in 24 hours or less, addressing common vulnerabilities and exposures that other platforms ignore.

Next Gen Out-of-Band SD-WAN 

Automatically sets up separate control plane infrastructure for access and automation.

Edge Automation Platform 

With tools and ability to run virtual machines and enable Network as code and AIOPS.

      Automation and Orchestration

    Day 0 automated setup of colocation and branch equipment.

    One-click rollback with quick start examples available on Github.

    Automated infrastructure patching - ransomware defense.

Failover to 5G and FirstNet

    With dual modem support and quad SIMs.


Learn more by downloading the ZPE guide, Selling ZPE Systems’ Next-Gen Resilience Platform, check out the Packet Pushers episodes on ZPE’s on-demand webinar portal, or reach out to the TD SYNNEX ZPE team at

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